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Cheap Kyrenia Hotels

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Kyrenia Guide

Kyrenia is the tourism capital of Northern Cyprus and probably one of the most fascinating towns to be discovered, that's why most North Cyprus hotels are in Kyrenia. When you arrive in Kyrenia you fail to miss the abundant views of the stunning mountains, which capture you from every location. Kyrenia makes you feel the mystery that lies within the historic buildings around the town centre; with cobbled winded streets leading to the picturesque harbour instantly pulling your full attention to its charming ambience.


Kyrenia Town Centre

Kyrenia has a tiny horse-shoe shaped harbour with the backdrop of the Five-Finger Mountains help to make Kyrenia one of the most popular places visited. The old harbour in Kyrenia is bordered by what used to be carob warehouses but are now cafes, restaurants and bars. Fishing boats, colourful yachts and excursion boats are moored in this pretty spot, and to the east of the harbour is Kyrenia Castle. A truly magnificent edifice constructed by the Byzantines in the 9th century. This fortress was further enhanced by the Lusignans and then by the Venetians, and is one of the most imposing sites in the Mediterranean. Kyrenia hotels in the area include the Dome Hotel, The British Hotel and some slightly further out such as the Pia Bella hotel and the Ship Inn hotel.


Kyrenia Restaurants

Kyrenia offers an array of restaurants, both local and international cuisines. Local restaurants generally offer Meze, followed by kebabs or fish. However, if you fancy the more traditional touch of Cypriot home cooking, local vegetable dishes such molohiya and kolokas are not to be missed! Those who enjoy French, Italian, Indian, Chinese or English cuisines are also well catered for. Restaurants in hotels are also good quality where you can usually find a wide range of cuisines.